We live in a complex and divided world today and so it is only right that Chatsworth Schools are creating an outstanding schools group to enable outstanding futures for the children of today and tomorrow.

For this reason, as well as acquiring schools in the already developed markets around the world, we will be building new schools in rapidly growing and developing areas.

We, at Chatsworth Schools, have a proven track record of outstanding educational leadership with real integrity, a passion for schools as learning communities and a commitment to excellence.

Chatsworth Schools aims always to be innovative, to invest in, and develop highly successful resilient education partnerships from nurseries to Secondary levels. We will nurture and promote the learning and welfare of every child in our care and help enable them to be successful, complete citizens of the future.

Our duty is to build the most amazing learning experiences for our students so they can embrace their inner wisdom and strengths. Through innovative, caring and student focused education, we must nurture every student to enable their voices to be heard, for their hearts to be fearless and for them to change their world. We can make it better, let’s build the future together!


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