Chatsworth’s Schools’ Advisory Team (SAT), has been established not only to fulfil the traditional role of Governance in our schools, but also to act as ‘critical friends’ for our Heads and school communities.

The SAT consists of professional people with a wealth of experience in education, with the requisite skills and knowledge in a very wide range of curricular and extra-curricular subjects; Safeguarding, Health and Safety, and all other pertinent policies including SEND, CPD, Boarding and Internationalism. Collectively, they have over 250 years’ experience in the maintained and independent schools sectors working with children aged 2 to 18+.

Traditionally, they are there as the means to create a solid accountability for the school leaders, regarding learning, teaching, finances, safeguarding and health and safety compliance, as well as ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. However, as a team, our priority is to establish strong relationships with our schools and all members of the community, to share in the schools’ triumphs and to support with any issues. This will be achieved by the team spending quality time in the schools and, at the same time, providing remote support, when needed.

Regarding Chatsworth Schools, the SAT covers in its team all educational age groups; a very wide range of curricular and extra-curricular subjects; safeguarding, Health and Safety and all other pertinent policies; SEND; CPD; boarding; and internationalism. The Schools’ Advisory Team will also make formal reports to the Board of Chatsworth Schools.

Chatsworth Schools is also conscious that they must follow the Department of Education’s Governance Handbook of February 2017, with their six key features that decide all effective governance:

✏︎ Strategic leadership
✏︎ Accountability
✏︎ People
✏︎ Structures
✏︎ Compliance
✏︎ Evaluation